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KSQJ-1360/1900 Double Blade Mining Machine【Double Blade Mining Machine,Quarry Cutting Machine】

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KSQJ-1360/1900 DOUBLE BLADE MINING MACHINE 【Quarry cutting machine丨stone machine for quarry】
   This machine is a modification of original double-blade mining machine.
The rising and falling of main spindle is controlled by the hydraulic pressure of the oil cylinder,with four cylinders as the guide rail.The main advantages are small gap,a little wear,no vibratioon,stable structure and high cutting precision;the service life of cutter head is increased.
   The cylindriccal guide rail is fully sealed to ensure that the guide rail is pollution-free and the machine has an original lubrication system,so thee service life and utilization ratio are effectively increased and maintenancce times and costs are reduced,It is a mine quarrying machine with significantly increasedcomprehensive benefits.

★Using high-quality imported electrical spare prarts then improve the machine’s running stability to lower the fees of maintence


★Four round steels with surfaces treated with hard chromium plating are usedas the lifting guide pillars and their advantages are small gap, great overall rigidity, a little vibration during cutting, long service life, etc.


                                     Video Case (Youtube Link)


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