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HSXB-400 Block base-plate flat cutting 【Block cutting machine 】

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Horizontal blade diameter Φ400 mm
Vertical blade diameter Φ350 mm
Horizontal cutting power 18.5 kw
Verital cutting power 15 kw
Max Cutting Height 250 mm
Worktable(LxW) 2400x1200 mm
Total power 36.5 kw
water consumption 3 m3/h
Dimensions(L*W*H) 7000×3000×200 mm
Gross weight 4 T

HSXB-400 Block base-plate flat cutting machine【Block cutting machine 】

   The machine uses jointed structure,trolley adopts frequency control, can adjust the feed rate according to the stone material and the feeding amount,with high cutting efficiency,high degree of automation,mainly applicable to cutting flat from the surface of the block base-plate, can make full using of block base-plate, improve the utilization rate of stone resources, turn waste into treasure, bring more economic benefits.

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