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Stone machinery product assembly technical requirements

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To ensure the quality of the assembly of stone machinery products, it must be operated in accordance with the technical requirements for the assembly of various stone machinery products. Although the technical requirements for assembly of different stone machinery products are not the same, there are many work points in the assembly process that must be mutually abided by the contract.
1. Do a good job in cleaning and cleaning parts. The cleaning work includes the removal of residual foundry sand, rust, chips and the like. In particular, some important parts, such as the gantry cutting machine, the inner cavity should be coated with anti-rust paint. Oil, rust or attached chips on the parts can be cleaned with diesel, kerosene or gasoline as washing liquid and then blown dry with compressed air.
2. The matching surface is generally required to be lubricated before it is fitted or connected. In particular, the bearing part in the headstock part, the screw nut part of the lifting mechanism.
3. The matching size of the matching parts should be accurate, and the matching size should be re-examined or sampled during assembly. For example: the journal of the main shaft and the bearing joint, the hole of the headstock and the bearing and its center distance.

4. The assembly of the wheel requires that the axial lines of the two toothed wheels must be in the same plane and parallel to each other, and the normal tooth gap should be ensured, and the axial misalignment is ≤ 2MM.
5. The joint surface of the joint should be checked for flatness and deformation. Otherwise, the burr should be removed to ensure that the joint surface is tight, flat and not skewed.
6. The sealing member should be pressed into the sealing groove in parallel, which can not be twisted and deformed, and the sealing surface is damaged and damaged.
7. The assembly requirement of the pulley is that the axes of the two pulleys must be parallel, the center of the wheel groove should be positive, and the offset is too large to make the tension of the pulley uneven, resulting in belt slippage and accelerated wear. At the same time, the V-belt should be matched before assembly, and the length should be consistent to prevent vibration in the transmission.
8. Before the bearing is assembled, it should be cleaned and washed after removing the anti-rust paint; when cleaning, pay attention to check whether the raceway and the rolling element are rusted, and whether the rotation is flexible; when the bearing is assembled, a layer of lubricating oil should be applied on the surface of the fitting. If the pressure difference is too large, the assembly should be stopped for inspection. When the bearing is assembled, the end of the model should be facing inward and in the direction of the shoulder; when the bearing is set, the force is larger, the direction and position should be appropriate, and the raceway should not be made. The rolling element is subjected to force and should be evenly and symmetrically tapped. It is not slammed to ensure that the end face is perpendicular to the axis to prevent the installation from tilting.
9, threaded connection should use anti-loose device, according to the actual situation and design requirements to use the following common anti-loose device; double nut anti-loose; spring washer anti-loose; open pin anti-loose; stop washer anti-loose nut and flower pad anti-loose Symmetrical multiple bolt tightening methods should be gradually tightened in a symmetrical sequence, and the strip connectors should be gradually and symmetrically tightened from the center to the two directions. The end of the bolted rib should protrude from the nut.

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