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Granite polishing machine,What kind of stone needs renovation

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Many people who don't understand stone renovation do not know what kind of stone and when they need to be refurbished. Here to explain to everyone, let everyone have a comprehensive understanding of what kind of marble renovation.

1, the first kind of stone that needs renovation

The stone has been used for a long time, because the normal friction damage, the gloss is lowered; if it is re-decorated or to enhance the image, then the original stone generally does not need to be replaced, but need to be professional The company has professionally refurbished marble to ensure that the original stone is renewed with new brilliance.

2, the second need to renovate the stone

When the decoration stone is completely paved, there will be a slate gap. At this time, the gap should be filled with a color similar to the stone.

After filling it up, it is necessary to polish and polish the filling agent. This is also a kind of stone renovation treatment.

3. The third type of stone that needs to be refurbished is

Everyone knows that during the renovation, a large number of renovation personnel need to move many objects, such as lifting frames and ladders. It is impossible for the decoration personnel to pay attention to the protection of the stone surface from time to time. Therefore, sometimes it will cause wear and tear. Will damage the stone, and sometimes because of the level of the decoration company personnel, the stone decoration effect is not good, then it is necessary to renovate the wrong position, uneven stone.


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