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stone calibrating machine Tightness of stone machinery and stone industry development

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Tightness of stone machinery and stone industry development

        China's stone resources reserves are large, but limited resources, stone is a kind of non-renewable resources, unlimited mining waste is greedy for nature, if the stone can be recycled, some stones can be used elsewhere, to avoid waste of resources.

        Because stone and other building materials, not only the stone itself is good quality, and because of its stone hard, mining difficult cost is higher, and cut processing and surface treatment requirements, cutting area per unit volume, unit area investment processing cost is more, so its price is high, some expensive decoration stone worth thousands of yuan per square meter.
        In addition, due to the decoration of stone, especially the natural granite structure is compact, hard, acid - resistant, corrosion - resistant, wear - resistant, water absorption is small ( less than 1 % ), high compressive strength ( 120 ~ 250 MPa ), frost resistance, not easy to weathering, durability, long service life ( coarse granite for 100 ~ 200 years, fine granite for 500 ~ 1000 years ), once use or even repeated recycling is difficult to reach its limit service life.
        At present, although plastics, ceramics and other building materials have been widely used, and seize the building materials decoration firm part of the market, but stone because of its unique natural advantages, is still the preferred material for architectural decoration engineering. Especially with the vigorous development of architecture and decoration industry in China, stone has undoubtedly become the choice of outdoor landscape design and interior decoration. With the increasing demand for various stone materials, the stone industry should carry out scientific management, give full play to the advantages of its own industrial clusters, and improve the positioning of the industry and the market. The development of domestic stone industry has a long way to go, its core is closely related to its processing technology and manufacturing machinery.
        Nowadays, the scale of domestic stone enterprises is mixed, stone machinery enterprises in addition to clear their own responsibility and pressure, but also to " environmental protection", " high quality", " high efficiency", " energy saving" as the ultimate development goal, through scientific innovation and the introduction of new technology to improve the product yield, and ultimately achieve the overall improvement of the level of the industry.

        Thus, stone reuse can not only protect the environment, but also reduce the cost. It is consistent with the development core of energy conservation and environmental protection advocated by us today. Now we have a long way to go in energy conservation and environmental protection, the future of the earth's ecological balance also need us to work together to maintain, stone industry on the road of recycling is a necessary means of development.

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