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About "stainless steel dust cleaning platform"
       1. The polishing platform itself shall be welded with stainless steel solder (rust prevention and leakproof), and the whole machine shall be durable and the platform shall be clean and clean.
       2. The whole machine is easy to move and easy to move.

       3. It is convenient for dust absorption and pollution discharge, and the indoor air convection can be carried out, which has a slight cooling effect (especially for hot weather in summer);

       A, vacuuming and discharging are convenient: the dust cleaning platform can be directly used for grinding, chamfering, cutting, water grinding, etc. on the platform. The dirt and sewage produced by the grinding process can fall directly into the platform. The sewage will be discharged directly from the effluent of the sewage, and the powder will be discharged directly from the discharge valve port after a period of accumulation (the machine cleaning cycle is about 7 days in a row);
       B, on indoor air convection can be a little cool: dust control platform of polishing work mode is exhauster to smoke in the air, the air from the platform position scope of work about the platform above 25 cm long; Behind the fan on both sides of the smoke from the air and filtered water cloth discharge (fan is installed above the ground is not high, filtering out the cool wind can directly effect on operating workers, especially suitable for the workers in the hot interior operation)
       C. Environmental protection: the discharge of sewage disposal outlet and sewage overflow outlet can be directly connected to the special sewage treatment channel without the dirty floor and surrounding environment; And the sediment on the platform can be washed directly into the platform with water.
       4. Easy to install and operate;

       The stainless steel dust removal and polishing platform is convenient to install: according to the manufacturer's own regional location, the equipment (the number of the general factory purchase is several or dozens); Connect the power of the machine (three-phase power on the three-wire junction box to connect the three-hole position, turn on the switch and check whether the platform is in the draft and pumping state; If not, please connect two of the power cords to the three of the wires, until the platform is in a pumping state.

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