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stone profiling machine Analysis of three causes of stone curtain wall pollution.

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Analysis of three causes of stone curtain wall pollution.

         The decrease of the increase of population, land use, more and more high-rise buildings, high-rise buildings without towering curtain wall, a long time, if you haven't to do maintenance, curtain wall becomes extremely ugly. Which lead to this phenomenon is that accumulate over a long period of pollution, stone material pollution are generally design and construction stage, is not to develop, design if not reasonable, the construction method without causing pollution to stone material are the important factors.

1. Wrong drainage direction.
         In the same building, some are particularly polluted, while others are less visible. In the same material under the condition of the location of the pollution must be designed without effective control drainage direction, leads to the formation of a part of the position of the flow of water rake face, while part of the position to reasonable drainage.
         The same stone facade, the left side of the high table position stone is almost as bright as new, while the stone material under the right handrail is more serious. In this study, we found that the tower position to within 3% of the drainage slope design, makes the top of the water to the emissions, and lower away free drainage method, the water flow to drive some dust, dust adhesion in stone material surface, easy to form water. Therefore, the right stone pollution is more serious than the left.
2. Unreasonable drainage design.
         Drain as the existence of the functional, many buildings tend to be exposed to the building outside surface, and some of the high-end villa in pursuit of its facade integrity, tend to set the drains within the stone material curtain walls, if once appear, drain water seepage is difficult to screen the first time, and often have to wait until water permeability outside the stone panel.
         Maintenance difficulties due to drain concealment type design, need to remove the stone can be realized, of stone curtain wall itself is also a secondary damage, and its strength after water wash for a long time of stone material itself, appearance is severely affected.
3. Unsuitable surface material selection.
         In the stone curtain wall panel and select the need to pay attention to a lot of stone material only suitable for indoor, such as marble, because of its poor durability, corrosion resistance, weathering resistance, cannot use for long periods in outdoor varied natural environment. In general, granite and sandstone are used outside, and for sandstone, it is necessary to consider its self-cleaning ability in addition to its safety.
         Sandstone surface porosity is more, these holes for mold growth space, usually some sandstone adornment of the surface of the stone material curtain walls are often hard to clean the dark spots, even some low building surface adhesion of green moss fresh, great interference brought cleaning work.

         After selecting the appropriate stone panel, it is necessary to do six surface soaking protection to avoid other pollution sources.

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