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Stone machinery polishing machine operation and routine maintenance

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polishing machine operation and routine maintenance

1 polishing machine operation:

        a First, hold the handle firmly against the body, tilt the head, and then place the white pad on the bottom of the machine.

        b Put the body flat so that the chassis and the scouring pad are close to the ground.
        c Start the power supply and ground polishing can be performed. The polishing speed should not be too fast. It should be kept at a speed of 10 cm/s, and overlap between rows and rows by one-third to prevent leakage.
2 Notes:
        a After use, remove the chassis pin holder and pad, wipe the various parts of the machine;
        b Parts of the moving part must be frequently oiled to make it lubricated;
        c Stored in an air-dried, dry place;
        d Clean the body after use, and use the power cable;
        e The polishing pad is generally used as a red pad or white pad. After the pad is washed, dry it.
3 daily maintenance of the polishing machine:
        a After every use, the body should be wiped clean;
        b Check the power cord before operation for damage;
        c Refuel parts such as wheels once a month;
        d After each use, the cleaner shall record the use status of the machine in the "Machine and Equipment Maintenance List" of the day;

        e The head of the cleaning department should check the cleaning worker's work record before the daily shift and find out that the machine has abnormal conditions and should fill in the maintenance sheet immediately, send it to the warehouse for maintenance and make a record.

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